Our Projects





Griffin & Wilson legacy of successful project completion is the best demonstration of our capabilities and financial strength. Our company has a very diversified portfolio. From hundreds of annually built custom homes to large communities such as WestLake for Minto Homes, which is a 4,500 single family home project to huge High Rises. We do more custom work than anyone.

We know what a quality product is, and we have all the tools needed and in place to engage the largest of projects, as well as tackle time sensitive schedules. We take pride in our vendor and subcontractor relationships. We pay on time, every time.

Safety is part of our culture at Griffin & Wilson Enterprises. It is our commitment to always deliver projects with safety as top priority.  

We can do anything because we have done everything. Our team is the best in the business. We can keep going with accolades, core business values and examples of our work, but you will only understand what our company is about, by using us.


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