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A legacy of excellence.

As family-owned and run, Griffin Stucco, Inc. was built on a solid foundation of success and integrity. Our business strategy has always been a simple one; to provide a quality product, efficiently, on time and within budget. For over 35 years, we have worked with more than 200 general contractors and builders. Our work can be found in many single and multi-family communities, high-rise and commercial buildings and high-end custom homes. We pride ourselves in giving the contractor the best job with the highest quality while maintaining a strong focus on jobsite safety. Our work speaks for itself – no sales pitch needed.

Griffin Stucco, Inc. was built on a solid foundation of success and integrity. Our business strategy has always been a simple one. To provide a quality product, efficiently. For over 35 years, we have done work with over 200 contractors. We have done single family communities, multifamily garden style, custom homes, commercial facilities and a high rises.

We provide Quality. We always pride ourselves for giving the contractor the most beautiful job. No sales pitch needed. Our work always speaks for itself.

Available Project Manager Position

Project Manager, Griffin Stucco, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL.

Requirements– 5 years of Experience in Stucco

Job Description
Evaluate Construction Specifications and Drawings ensuring all details have been reviewed for.
Communicate and follow up with General Contractors and Build a relationship in order to secure jobs.
Soliciting Material & labor Pricing with Vendors and Labor Subcontractors, creating Master Purchase orders (Material, Equipment and Labor) for all awarded projects
Frequent Site Visits and travel for meetings with clients for scope review and negotiations.
Create internal schedule of Production
Organize and turn in Pay requisition for the General Contractor monthly.
Coordinate with Supervisors & Clients/General contractor with requirements on a running job.
Submit Change order pricing, Schedule of values, weekly invoices for Labor subcontractor, etc.
Email Linda Hoag  (lhoag@griffinstucco.com )
to apply.

  • 01. Experience

    35+ years of results and thousands of successfully completed projects.

  • 02. Quality

    Over 85% recurring customers proves our top quality.

  • 03. Values

    Since our beginnings in 1985 we’ve been steered with integrity, trust & honesty.


Our talented team members

We strongly believe that a successful construction process is the result of a true team approach and the work of extraordinary people. And we have the best. We value people. We value relationships. We understand that our company is as good as our employees. We are successful and we value our team as much as we value the product we deliver.



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